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Making Tea An Important Part Of Life

If you like hot teas then I have a treat for you. Try it iced! It is amazing. Most people like iced tea in the summer time. It is a great thrift quencher and very delicious. My grandmother use to make me drink tea with every meal. There is truly a tea kettle for everyone.

No matter what the day was like outside, I had hot tea. It wasn’t until my husband told me I could drink it iced that I realized my passion for it. I honestly love tea more than you could ever imagine.

Tea is incredible and I think all humans and animals should enjoy a glass with every meal.

Have you ever seen a goat drink tea? Well I have. On my grandparent’s farm back in my childhood, my grandpa would give all of his goats’ tea. He figured since it was good for humans to drink, then it would be great for his goats.

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